Follow these five steps to a clutter-free garage:

1. Set aside a time to tackle the job and be sure to enlist some help. Many hands make light work, as the adage goes. And, if everyone is on board at a designated time, you have a starting point for your much-needed garage cleanup.

2. Designate space on the driveway or within the garage itself for four categories: Items you will donate; those you will sell; treasures to keep; and, items you will toss.

3. Methodically decide what to keep. Consider when you last used the item and the likelihood that you will need it later. For any broken things, ask what the chances are of getting around to fixing it. Lastly, consider if the cost of replacing an item would be greater than the value of the space it will occupy if kept.

4. Dispose of items and hazardous materials. Ask neighbours or friends if they have use for materials you intend to toss. Donate items that are in good repair to charity. Lastly, check with your municipality for solid-and hazardous-waste disposal programs.

5. Temporary storage. If you have exciting new plans for your garage space, you may need to create temporary storage for those items you choose to keep. Consider moving items into the space usually occupied by the car, or perhaps some items can be temporarily moved indoors. Renting a driveway storage container is another option and may buy you the time you need to create your dream garage.

Source: NewsCanada – full article HERE

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