Davisville is a busy uptown neighbourhood that attracts young families and accommodates high pedestrian traffic. People who live here appreciate the quietness of the streets and the variety of the architecture. It has a mix of houses built in the early half of the 20th century, as well as newer condominium buildings, apartments and offices.

The mix of new and old buildings throughout the neighbourhood creates a eclectic impression that keep it feeling vital. The neighbourhood is a somewhat densely populated and busy, which adds to the dynamic vibe and helps to create a well-earned sense of safety. The streets within and surrounding Davisville are well spaced, with wide sidewalks that enjoy active use.

Davisville is located at Mt. Pleasant Road, between Eglinton Avenue and Davisville Avenue. It is an affordable, family-friendly neighbourhood that includes access to top schools. People who live here really value the sense of community that they get. This is created by the mini “high streets” in the area in which shopping areas with a village feel have developed over time.

Families looking to locate here can look forward to a strong sense of connection to the city. The towers at Yonge & Eglinton peek over the rooftops to the north, as do those of Yonge & Bloor to the south. Just a little further down the road, the CN Tower dominates the landscape. Both of these areas offer terrific variety in shopping, dining and entertainment, and both are within easy access.

The effect of living here is to have the convenience of shopping within walking distance, and all the benefits of the city core in immediate adjacency as well. The buying trend in Davisville includes a number of families moving from condo living to their first houses, so you can get a real sense of people who get out and enjoy their neighbourhood.



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