Moore Park is is an affluent neighbourhood to the north of the downtown core, pretty much at its centre. It lies along both sides of St. Clair Avenue, east between the Vale of Avoca section of Rosedale ravine and Moore Park ravine (formerly Spring Valley ravine). The northern boundary is Mount Pleasant Cemetery and the southern the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.

The neighbourhood takes its name from its developer, John T. Moore. To encourage buyers in what he envisioned as a luxurious enclave, he built two bridges in 1891: the original steel bridge on St. Clair over the Vale of Avoca, and a long since lost wooden bridge on Moore Avenue, over the Spring Valley Ravine. He also helped establish railway service to the neighbourhood – which provided a vital connection to the city in an era when horses and wagons were the main mode of getting about.

Moore Park generally features larger homes, wide lots, winding, leafy streets, great schools and easy access to the downtown core. The family-friendly tone of the neighbourhood is easy to see – from the mini-vans and SUVs in the driveways to the active foot traffic on the sidewalks.

Our clients are attracted to the aesthetic of the neighbourhood – the homes are truly beautiful – and the sense of established character. There’s no denying the modest sense of accomplishment that owners feel in buying here, as the homes offer stately value without being ostentatious.

Moore Park has a suburban feel while still offering terrific proximity to the heart of the city. It is a very family friendly area, with parks and facilities that draw people from their homes and into the neighbourhood.

Opportunities in Moore Park tend to be rare and competitive, with a trend towards younger families moving in as longer established residents move on to condo living or properties with lower property maintenance concerns.



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