Yonge & St. Clair is another area that generates active interest from a variety of our clients. It offers an interesting balance of long-established, historical properties with an abundance of modern options. The division started in the 1950’s when the character of Yonge Street was transformed by the new subway line.

Originally known as the Third Concession Line, St. Clair started gaining traction as a neighbourhood when a water-powered gristmilll opened in the mid-1830s. In 1989, the balance shifted in favour of the residential when Agnes Heath and her children moved onto a 40-acre plot of land, noticed a lot of deer milling about and called it Deer Park. Then, as transportation moved north, more and more people settled in the area. As mentioned, the tide shifted again in 1954, when the Yonge Street subway brought businesses and office towers.

Yonge & St. Clair is now characterized by a variety of condominium properties along the core transportation routes that have become a choice location for people who are downsizing from the adjacent neighbourhoods, but want to stay connected to the area. All of the benefits of easy transportation, upscale to affluent addresses and choice in boutique shopping and dining come into play, without the greater property requirements of fully divided residences.

Set back from the condos are a variety of homes on straight streets that offer terrific access to the northern part of the downtown core. People living here enjoy an urban neighbourhood tone. It is less separate and suburban than the windier, leafier streets of Moore Park and Rosedale, and boasts a sense of connectedness that appeals to urban professionals.

Amongst the town homes, there are occasionally some opportunities to invest in a fully divided, large-lot home – but these are rare.

Living here, think antique stores, small greengrocers and flower stores and pleasant restaurants and coffee houses, all within walking distance.



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