At the McHardy Real Estate Team, we’ve built our reputation on a customer-first focus that’s backed by the right combination of knowledge and experience. It’s how we continue to always provide the best service possible. This philosophy drives results and keeps people like you more than just happy with us – it makes you advocates. So what does it mean? By being good at what we do, by approaching every aspect of our business with energy and enthusiasm, by using the right combination of traditional and state of the art tools and by sharing a dedication to excellence, our individual efforts add up to a group dynamic that goes to work for you. Wherever you may want to live in Toronto, our mission is to help you get there.


Susan Froese McHardy is the leader of the team. She will most often be your first and ongoing contact – the go-to person for most of your questions or concerns. Sue brings the benefit of more than 20 years in sales and negotiating experience to the table. She also has a solid record of helping clients feel confident that they got the best deal possible on the home they wanted, or achieved the best price on a sale.

Working with Sue, you will be impressed (if not a little bowled over) by the energy she brings to the process. People have called her “a force” of expertise and friendliness. And in a business that so often defines major life changes, her approach has proven itself to be a good thing, over and over again.

Sue’s outlook can be summed up in one simple statement: Real Estate is more than transactional. It’s personal.


Don McHardy has 15 years of client service and marketing experience under his belt. From a client’s point of view, he provides a quieter counterpoint to Sue’s energy. What does that mean? Don’s fastidiousness and eye for detail give you confidence that every “I” is dotted and “T” is crossed. He is friendly and engaging, but also methodical and focused.

That means he understands and makes sense of what can sometimes come across as a frenzied flurry of considerations. His voice is the calm in the storm that so often makes it easier to make decisions, because his calmness is grounded in deep knowledge of the real estate industry.

Like Sue, Don believes that Real Estate is a personality-driven business where the best results are achieved through establishing other people’s comfort, confidence and happiness.


Sean’s real estate career started with Royal LePage Real Estate Services with a diligent focus on the listing and buying side of sales and leases, and developing a network of referrals. In 2014 he was awarded the Sales Achievement Award and is now bringing his passion for working with young and growing families to The McHardy Team.

He started business training as an Assistant Head at a Toronto private school. This background in education, his research and analytical skills, and the ability to listen and truly understand the needs of buyers and sellers allows Sean to bring a highly professional service to his clients. Clients that work with Sean immediately see the energy and passion he brings on a daily basis. He believes it is crucial to get to know the people involved in a transaction and provide a personal touch throughout to achieve optimum success.

Sean is a proud Torontonian and spends many beautiful days walking around the local parks in the Danforth area with his wife, son & daughter. He also has a passion for sports, especially the Toronto Maple Leafs, and is always willing to enjoy a friendly conversation with fellow Leaf fans!


Kristy brings a passion for excellent customer service to The McHardy Team. Her desire to understand her clients wants and needs is what drives her in her effort to provide an enjoyable buying or selling experience.

As graduate of Guelph/Humber Business Program, Kristy has the business knowledge to help her clients in their search for the perfect place to call home, or in their effort to get the most for their present place. Whether you are buying or selling, Kristy knows what it takes to meet the needs of her clients quickly and on budget.

As a National Competitor in Equestrian Riding for 20 years, she knows that it takes determination and dedication to be successful in whatever you do. You will find that Kristy possess that same drive and perseverance in her Real Estate career. No client request is to small or too cumbersome for her to deal with in an expedient and professional manor.

Home is where your heart desires and Kristy is ready to work tirelessly to find what her clients are looking for! Please contact Kristy if you are looking for someone who is personable, enthusiastic and dedicated to help you buy or sell.


Alison provides all of her clients with a personal approach, a deep commitment and a sharp focus. With a professional background in both sales and communications, Alison brings a strong and unique skill set to both the buying and selling of homes. She knows how to strategize, position, market and negotiate to achieve a targeted end result. Her familiarity with the tools of the trade, from social media platforms to powerfully written communications, provides her clients with a true advantage.

A long time Toronto resident Alison has a love for and knowledge of the city and it’s neighbourhoods that benefits all her clients. She is by all accounts an extraordinary real estate enthusiast, who loves the way a home and its neighbourhood can enhance a life. From a community’s unique vibe to the quality of its schools, so many elements go into choosing the right home. She is committed to helping her clients understand those variables so they can make the right move.


Amanda, Sales Representative and our Client Services Manager. Amanda’s passion for real estate was introduced via a co-op position during a university business program in her home province of Nova Scotia. From there, a passion was born, which has continued through a move to Calgary, and now Toronto, working with successful, top real estate professionals along the way.

Fast-forwarding to today, Amanda is a gregarious, passionate, and authentic sales representative and business woman, maintaining positive relationships with clients and industry professionals alike. An unequivocal expert in customer service, her extensive experience has spanned the hospitality, retail, automotive and real estate sectors. She has a true desire for ensuring every transaction is managed with minimal stress from beginning to end, and beyond.

Personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and up for a challenge, Amanda is ready to provide you with a straightforward solution to your real estate needs with an experience that is custom-tailored just for you.grew up in Nova Scotia where a co-op during University introduced her to the Real Estate Industry.


Wondering what it’s like working with the McHardy Real Estate Team?