The real estate market in Toronto is highly competitive. That means the cost of entry tends to be high. But it also means that the values here tend to be stable and rising. We strongly encourage people entering the market here to be mindful of their full economic capabilities, and to consider the range of costs of living here. Because there’s more to it than mortgage payments.


5 Reasons to Move to Toronto

The Size:
Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. With a population of just under 3 million (not including the substantially higher population of the Greater GTA) Toronto really is the centre of things. You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of a dynamic urban environment, or step into any of thousands of quieter oases of shopping, dining, parkland or residential neighbourhoods.
The Cultures:
We are famous for being the most multicultural city in the world. And everybody who lives here brings a bit of culture from home. Toronto has a Little Italy, Greektown and Chinatown, but we also have a Little Malta! And every other culture you could imagine. That means an incredible blend of shopping and dining. And it means finding the unexpected around any corner.
The Culture:
Toronto is home to world renown museums and art galleries, to theatre productions on a large and small scale. We have movie theatres dedicated to world cinema, documentaries and art productions. We have restaurants with food from around the world, from casual to fine dining. We have opera and symphonies. We have a vibrant nightclub scene. The list goes on, but it all comes down to this: if it happens, it happens here.
The Festivals:
If life is punctuated by special moments, Toronto’s festivals make life here rich. From Caribana to Pride, from the Toronto International Film Festival to Luminato, taste of the Danforth and Nuite Blanche and from every cultural group in the city with a smaller scale festival, Toronto loves getting out on the street to celebrate. Check out any “What’s Happening” calendar of events in Toronto, and you will never find yourself at home with nothing to do.
The Proximities:
Some say the best part of life in Toronto is leaving it behind. The city is in close proximity to Niagara, with its splendorous Falls, elegant casinos and rich wine country. It is a hop, skip and a jump from a variety of cottaging areas, on the Great Lakes, the Canadian Shield and a huge variety of other environments. It has options for skiing, camping, horseback riding, sailing, rafting, tubing, skydiving…pretty much any activity you can imagine.


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