Our ability to help you find the right house – the property that best meets your needs and expectations within a number of criteria – comes together through several factors. The first is our ability to understand not just the requirements you’ve listed from the start, but also the nuances and details that will add to that list. The bonus items and unexpected surprises. Sometimes more importantly though, is how we address your unexpressed or unconscious needs – the ones we pick up on through experience and instinct, and address through our knowledge of the market we work in. Taken together, by addressing both of these factors, we’ll have you feeling taken care of throughout the process.

We will work with you to create a set of parameters to work from. It will include your budget, your thoughts and comfort levels on renovating vs. move-in ready opportunities, your ideas on location and proximities, school availabilities, neighbourhood character and any number of other factors.

That being said, we also like to point out that real estate in Toronto is an incredibly fast moving business. Our experience in the neighbourhoods in which we work means we know what’s happened in the past and what’s going on now. That market knowledge means we understand values in a current context. We make it our job to stay on top of listings and opportunities, and we encourage you to be ready to move quickly – between viewing a range of properties, recognizing which ones may or may not meet your needs and interests and to be decisive in making an offer.

It’s important to remember that the process of buying a house falls neatly into three parts: defining your needs, finding the right house for you, and making the deal. Each step requires a good relationship between you, the buyer and us, the agent. Our experience and market knowledge can help you to define your needs and keep them grounded in realistic expectations. Your flexibility and openness will help throughout the hunt. And finally, you can count on us to make full use of our negotiating skills and techniques as we formulate and present your offer.


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