The first and biggest consideration in selling a home is always the selling price. And it’s a tricky subject to address because emotions inevitably and understandably play a large role. It’s only natural – as anyone wants to feel that their home is valued as highly as possible. And that is exactly our job. To ensure that you get full value for your home.

Getting the most depends on our ability to provide you with an informed opinion of its likely value within the current market. That means starting with a realistic assessment of a likely selling price. First and foremost, we want you to have confidence in our expertise in this area – because it is considerable.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and have developed an ongoing understanding of what the market is doing – both in broad terms and in specific neighbourhoods. As well, we have solid knowledge of what makes the difference between individual houses that could even be right next door to each other. And there is much that we can do to influence the way others may see and think about your property.

The mindset of the buyer includes a variety of factors that work in balance with market conditions. There are things they look for that increase their sense of a home’s value, just as there are signals that may detract from it. In every case, a sense of urgency and unavailability will drive prices up. An overpriced house will stay on the market longer – and a house that doesn’t sell quickly raises questions.

Working with you to set a price is a strategic process that requires a dispassionate approach. We promise that at the end of the process you will feel confident that your house sold for as much as it could, given the market conditions at the time of sale.


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