As a major urban centre, Toronto is well served by its school systems – at every level. The Province of Ontario provides funding for two streams of public education from kindergarden to high school, most commonly referred to as the Public and Catholic streams. In Toronto these are represented by the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board, both of which provide a network of junior, middle and high schools in every neighbourhood in the city.

Neighbourhood schools are of course characterized by reputation. We encourage clients for whom school quality is a high level consideration to talk to us about what they are looking for, as we know details that may not be listed in official publications. Sometimes, for instance, just knowing that a school has an active and effective parent council might make the difference.

Beyond the public option, Toronto also boasts a number of private schools, all of which have their own strengths. Outside of the public stream the need to locate in a specific district to ensure enrolment in a specific school goes away, but proximity to public transit may become more important to you.

Toronto also offers an impressive range of post secondary educational options. We have three universities in the downtown core – the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Ontario College of Art and Design University. York University is accessible through public transit, on the northwest edge of the city. There are also several college options, including George Brown College downtown, Seneca College to the north of the city, Centennial College to the east and Humber College to the west.

In addition to the formal school systems that serve the city, parents can be assured that there are also a number of specialized, extra curricular educational opportunities that address language, artistic endeavours and athletic pursuits.


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